The importance of proper contracting cannot be overlooked when licensed with multiple carriers offering hundreds of products. You want the confidence everything is in good order which means you need a system that is intuitive enough to know you’re in good standing with carriers. We offer a simplified contracting platform that expedites your information to carriers to be able to submit business faster and more importantly getting you paid quicker.     

You have two options when completing your Personal Information Packet (PIP) with Sunderland Group.

Online or Traditional Paper.  The Choice is yours!


Online PIP

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It only takes about 8-10 minutes! 

Traditional Paper PIP

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Complete it once, and future contracting will be easy! 



Want to see how it works?

Here's a video explaining how it works and how to get set up.


Products & Carriers

You know it’s not a product that makes the sale – it’s providing your clients with the strategies to meet their needs. We are not owned by an insurance carrier, so we have the independence to get you access to the quality products to meet your clients’ needs.

Our staff can help you match sales concepts with products that will help you make the sale. Plus, our advanced market and case design expertise will help you put all the pieces in place before you meet with your clients.   Carrier Portfolio    Product Portfolio



Why Sunderland Group?

We pair up great carriers and products with top-level experience to increase your sales:

  • Our Sales Consultants have a combined 99+ years of experience
  • Case design expertise
  • Experienced Underwriting Team to increase your placed cases
  • Ongoing training and live webinars
  • Discounted E&O insurance