Sunderland Success Systems

Prospect. Deliver. Sell.

The only GUARANTEED seminar system in the industry. We offer you a unique opportunity to get qualified leads in your area… GUARANTEED!

This is not your average seminar system, typical sales cycles run 18-21 days instead of 6+ weeks, plus we will GUARANTEE you leads.

Each System Includes:

  • Advertising to fill the seats
  • Customized registration page
  • Drip marketing
  • Seminar assets
    • presentation​
    • notes
    • client worksheet
    • evaluation forms
  • Shortened sales cycle
  • GUARANTEED leads

Available Systems

Social Security

​Designed to uncover investable assets. The presentation helps the audience gain a better understanding of how to maximize their Social Security benefits, when to start taking benefits, the 2017 guidelines and more.



Retirement and Income Planning

Designed to help individuals understand the best path to retirement. Everyone's path to retirement is different and this presentation will give attendees an understanding of which path they should be on.




Medicare Roundtable​

​Designed to help individuals understand Medicare. Medicare can be very confusing to consumers, this educational system will explore all parts of Medicare and will provide attendees with a better understanding of how Medicare affects them.



Women Building Wealth

​Designed to uncover wealth strategies for women. Women are often the money and schedule managers of their household meaning they make a lot of financial decisions. This presentation will help women unlock a wealth strategy that meets their needs.



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