Index Report Analysis

As an FMO we are always striving to provide our existing agents and new recruits with tools we feel we can really change the indexing industry. Our partnership with this software provider is just one example of the many value added services that we provide you.  If you are considering working with us for the first time, we hope that you will discover the level of dedication we have to our agents by providing them with the best tools and programs in the industry.  

The next time you meet with a client to take an application, these reports will take the mystery out of the allocation process.  You will now be able to show your clients an accurate look at the past to help them determine the best path they can take to enhance their growth potential.   

Up until now, you have only had carrier illustrations to assist in the sales process.  Now we have a powerful tool that will help you educate your clients on how these products have actually performed.  Please read that sentence again so you can clearly understand our mission.  It is not to predict the future returns of any index product, it is to show the past. 

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Report Examples: 


Have you ever been curious about which Fixed Index Annuities are the best performers in your state? Well wonder no more! Take a look at this report and call us for more details. By the way, this report is updated every month, so the only way to truly stay current with what is the strongest products in your state is to work with us.


Have we all forgotten how powerful downside protection is? Take a look at the attached report that compares an FIA crediting method to the movement of the S&P 500. Serious investors will take notice that even though the FIA is not better, it is still pretty good considering there is NO RISK! We can run this report for you comparing your favorite FIA crediting strategy.


Do you want to offer your clients allocation guesses, or do you want to offer them a strategy? The attached report is one of the most analytical and creative approaches to adding diversification, growth maximization and overall strategic planning to the FIA sale.


Look no further than your own book or for all the existing FIA owners in your area. In the attached report we can easily compare almost any older FIA with the new indices and crediting methods offered today! As an industry over the last three years, FIA’s have made an unprecedented advancement in the area of growth performance. We can help you capitalize on this phenomenon. 


By now you have seen the new FIA Income Rider Products that offer no guaranteed roll-ups, but instead, above average growth to establish a high-income producing account. The success of these products is 100% dependent on the growth of the index accounts! The question is, how can we compare them? The attached report will do just that! You will see each month, updated back-testing that will help you keep your clients in the best possible income producing products ever invented!


Attached is an example of how we can compare FIA carriers. Have you ever been in a competitive situation? This report could really help you close the deal! You can also use this report to answer some questions you may have about how your favorite carrier stacks up with other carriers you are considering.


We hear all the marketing from the carriers about all these new indices. Wall Street is getting involved in the Fixed Index Annuity space at a record pace! The question becomes, who is utilizing these indices with the best FIA crediting? We have the answer! Look at the attached report. We can run a comparison based on a specific index family.


Do you sell IUL’s? When you get to the page in the application where you have to guide the client to make the best allocation selections, how do you do it? Are you guessing? What data do you have to back up your guess? Our guess is you don’t have accurate hard data. Now you can! The attached report will do just that. It will chart the past performance of each crediting method available in an IUL


Short-term FIA’s are performing at an all time high! These are great products to use to replace old out dated products. This is a great way to market for new prospective clients. You can get them in products that contain some of the newer amazing index crediting methods. Check out the attachment to see a list of high-performing short-term FIA’s.


Do you know which products will provide an above average return even if the carrier lowers rates after the annuity is in-force? Check out the attached report. We can show you a 10-year history of how your favorite products perform even if the carrier lowers rates! This information is vital to the integrity of your practice and it gives you the power to set more realistic expectations for your clients. We have the tools and experience you need to go to the next level of FIA sales!


How do you help your clients select the crediting options in their Fixed Indexed Annuities? Do you guess? Do you utilize sophisticated research to back up your recommendations? Do you just “throw darts”? The time has come to give you the tool you need to solve the FIA allocation mystery! The attachment will show you an example of a carrier report you can have access to download whenever you want. These reports are updated with current index closing prices and carrier rates on a monthly basis so you will always have up-to-date information.


Are “Risk Control / Volatility Control” better options? How do they really work? What is the best way to explain them to your clients? All these questions can be answered with one simple report! The only way to know if they are better is to compare them to other options. The only way to see how they work is to test them in “Real Market” cycles. All clients really care about is how much money they can make. The best way to explain them to clients is to show them the return numbers they can produce. The attached report will show you the power of our tool we offer our agents! This report is updated each month and will give you a decisive advantage over your competition! Work with us and we will take you to the next level of FIA sales!