The importance of proper contracting cannot be overlooked when licensed with multiple carriers offering hundreds of products. You want the confidence everything is in good order which means you need a system that is intuitive enough to know you’re in good standing with carriers. We offer a simplified contracting platform that expedites your information to carriers to be able to submit business faster and more importantly getting you paid quicker.     

Online Contracting (SureLC)

Life, DI, LTC & Annuity Carriers

Medicare-Health Carriers

It only takes about 8-10 minutes! 


Want to see how it works?

Here's a video explaining how to get set up.


Why Sunderland Group?

We pair up great carriers and products with top-level experience to increase your sales:

  • Our Advisor Development Consultants (ADC) have a combined 100+ years of experience
  • Case design expertise
  • Experienced Underwriting Team to increase your placed cases
  • Ongoing training and live webinars
  • Discounted E&O insurance
  • Free CE


What is the general processing time for a contract?
Contracts generally take 7-14 business days to be processed. Some may take longer depending on background checks and other factors outside of our control. We follow-up on contracts to ensure they are being processed as quickly as possible.

Who can I contact regarding Contracting status or questions?
We’re always happy to help! Contact your assigned Advisor Development Consultant (ADC) at Sunderland Group for all contracting needs. ADC Contact info 

Can I check the status of my appointments on SuranceBay?
At this time, no because SuranceBay completes the paperwork. However, please contact our Contracting Department for contracting status updates or for other questions.

What is a JIT (just in time) appointment?
A JIT appointment is a contract that will be processed when your first piece of business is submitted.

Can I transfer an existing contract to Sunderland Group?
Yes, you can transfer contracts. However, carriers have different policies and procedures for transfers. Please contact our Contracting Department to learn more.