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No agents are exempt or grandfathered in from needing this requirement.

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NEW NAIC Model Regulation 275 (Best Interest) 

As states adopt the new NAIC Model Regulation 275, a new annuity standard of care rule becomes effective. This new “best interest” standard, which replaces the old suitability standard, impacts the sales process requiring producers to use new point-of-sale form requirements, producer disclosures, and documentation obligations.

New Required NAIC Best Interest Training
All producers will be required to complete a new training course related to compliance with the new model. Depending on whether the producer has already completed the 4-credit annuity training course in the past, he or she must also complete either (1) a new 1-credit hour training course or (2) a newly revised 4-credit course which incorporates the new model.

The state-by-state grid that outlines the date these changes take effective.

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updated 07.25.23